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Bruce McLaren is a motor racing legend whose name lives on through the cars he helped design and build. Before his untimely death at 32, he accumulated a record number of trophies in all the major prestigious international car races. Born to a humble New Zealand family, he suffered from Perthe’s disease at age nine which left him immobile from the waist down for two years. He overcame this to become one of the greatest racing car drivers of all time.

In his new documentary, McLaren, Roger Donaldson uses archival footage, home movies, interviews and some short recreations to tell the biographical and professional story of Bruce McLaren. Donaldson does a good job of assembling the narrative, however the story itself is interesting and sad but not riveting. Unfortunately, without scandals and drama, this movie will probably appeal mostly to motor racing enthusiasts or fans of biography.


Reviewed by Rita Bratovich.

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