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Kings of Cough Syrup

Melbourne’s indie duo, Kings of Cough Syrup, have released their debut self-titled EP. Creating a soothing, yet haunting atmosphere with their soulful sounds and distinctively changing tempos, they have incorporated a range of instruments to produce a set of unique songs.

They experiment with the styles of each song, incorporating electrical rhythms to spice it up, accompanied by the extremely impressive, raw vocals. The vocals draw the listeners in, creating a sense of intimacy while the integration of vocal effects, such as echoes, further enhances the depth of the song, taking the listeners on a journey narrated through the lyrics.

The EP as a whole works really well, with all songs compatible in union, having a common sound yet still rare in their own ways. This EP is gentle and relaxing, making it enjoyable to listen to.


Reviewed by Jade Morellini.

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