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Trishala Sharma Photo: Mansoor Noor Photography

Is this world ready for change? Are we up for the challenge?

bAKEHOUSE Theatre Company is coming at you with Jatinga, a play inspired by the daughters of sex workers in Kamathipura, India.

Artistic director, Suzanne Millar travelled there some time ago to work and live at a centre which implements change into the lives of young girls to better enrich and educate their lives.

This woman is strong, passionate and not afraid to take drastic action. “I hope people can walk away from this play with an individual responsibility,” Millar says.

Two actors you’ll see on stage have flown directly from India just to be in this heart throbbing story. “The world is getting smaller” Suzanne says and it’s important to create a positive connection with others because “everything has a domino effect.”

Suzanne has a burning desire to bring these girl’s stories to the stage of Sydney because as she urges, “Knowledge is power.” The girls at Apne Aap Women’s Collective, the center that Suzanne worked at, want their stories to be told and shared with the world. I think that is very bold and courageous and I applaud these strong individuals.

Instead of speaking with the director of a play, I believe I was talking to someone who is greatly changing the world. This is raw and vulnerable material, but with this information in our hands we can truly take action and cultivate change.

This play may not make you feel good, it may not have a perfect fairy tale ending, but it is real life and the truth needs to be shared. If you would like to be immersed in passion, culture and profound real life stories, I encourage you to go step into the world of Jatinga.

June 9 – 24, Tue–Sat 7:30 & Sun 5pm. Kings Cross Theatre – Level 2, Kings Cross Hotel, Kings Cross. $25-$35. Tickets & Info:

By Olivia Lyle.



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