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The success of this British historical war drama can be equally attributed to Brian Cox’s realistic portrayal of Winston Churchill and to the storylines that showcase a different side to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom – his human side, which hadn’t previously been explored on film.

The film details the 96 hours leading up to the June 6th, 1944 D-Day Normandy Landings. The allies must liberate France of German control if they are to win the war and against Churchill’s wishes, it’s decided that tens of thousands of young soldiers should mount an ambitious beach landing.

The film reveals Churchill’s total contempt for the operation and his genuine concern for the young men stating “This is not warfare – this is butchery!” He couldn’t live for the rest of his life with this on his conscience.

An incredible film with no battle sequences but many intense scenes which resonate that the fate of millions of young soldiers were sealed long before they perished in action, behind closed doors by important people who never experienced warfare. (MMo)


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