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Our world has become so politically charged in the last couple of years it was only inevitable that this would seep over into music, whether intentionally or not.

For Adelaide band Bad//Dreems’ latest record Gutful political commentary was never the intention according to drummer Miles Wilson, “the record was more of a social commentary than a fist in the air political revolt but it seems to have been construed really politically which is interesting. We’re kind of ok with that, it just wasn’t our intention.”

Whilst speaking with Miles the City Hub learned that the record was much more of a reaction to the new wave of conversation material you hear in public settings now.

“We’ve found that Trump, race riots and the problems people have with celebrating Australia Day or Invasion Day are things that are ingrained in the vernacular of pub conversation now.”

As an East Coast native Adelaide appears to be a quiet, iddilic city rather than a hotbed for pointed social and political commentary but having spoken to Miles at length that perception needs to change, slightly. Much like every major city around the world Adelaide has pockets of creativity which Miles said has been really helpful for Bad//Dreems.

“The creative scene is really flourishing and encouraging. The state as a whole really pushes and appreciates the arts which is the biggest aspect that I think goes unnoticed.”

Even with so much support locally Bad//Dreems have continued to learn on the road as they travel and perform with bands they grew up idolising. In recent years some of these bands have included At The Drive In and The Avalanches both off which Bad//Dreems have taken pieces from to incorporate into their live performance.

“We put a lot of emphasis on our live show and we thought we were quite a good live act but they just eclipsed us.” said Miles before adding, “We’ll definitely take a leaf out of their books for our live shows moving forward.”

Tomorrow night Miles and the other members of Bad//Dreems will need to incorporate all of these influences and lessons into their show at The Metro as this will be their first time headlining a venue of that size.

“Obviously it’s a big grandiose, beautiful building and we’re going to go really hard to generate a lot of excitement and ensure that everyone who purchased a ticket has a really good time.”

Jun 9, 8pm. The Metro, 624 George St, Sydney. $40.80-$56.10+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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