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An Evening with John Cena

Known to millions around the globe as a world champion WWE wrestler, there is a lot more to John Cena than meets the eye. In July the multifaceted superstar will be jetting down to Australia for a rare speaking event to answer questions from fans and tell them all of his untold stories.

The open forum format is a natural extension of Cena’s life to tell his story and certainly means this will be an incredibly intimate experience.

“My life has pretty much been open to the WWE audience over the past decade and a half, and certainly even more so in the reality world for the past three years with my relationship so I don’t see any reason to hold back any details.”

Over the course of his in-ring career Cena has accomplished everything there is to achieve in WWE. “I’m in a very fortunate place where I’ve had a very lengthy and successful career with the WWE. I just turned 40 this past April, physically I’m still ready to go it just takes a little longer to bounce back than it did 10 years ago.” Cena reflected.

In more recent years Cena has since gone on to expand his empire into other areas of film and television, much like another former WWE superstar Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

“I’m certainly very grateful to be put in the same conversation as Dwayne Johnson. I think as far as accomplishment and drive he sets the pace and I do my best to try to keep up.”

One of the main topics Cena hopes to be able to discuss during the tour is the misconception that WWE is not ‘mainstream’ media, “I really think people over look the WWE. The amount of people we reach on a weekly basis I feel certainly classifies us as mainstream media so I’m kind of on a little bit of a quest to let everybody know we’re doing really big stuff over at WWE.”

Jul 9, 7pm. The Star Event Centre, 80 Pyrmont St, Pyrmont. $99-$1395+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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