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The story of Emily Dickinson, who is now regarded as the most outstanding American poet of the 19th century, is brilliantly brought to life by Cynthia Nixon who also shares an uncanny resemblance to the poet.

This is quintessentially a film which critics will collectively adore and praise for its exquisiteness and refined storytelling technics, while in contrast, a majority of moviegoers will snub for these very same elements.

Emily’s reclusiveness, her dependence on family and her quiet passion for writing poetry in an era when it was deemed that “women cannot create the permanent treasures of literature,” are all examined meticulously in this flawless Irish production.

A remarkable script suitably overladen with dialogue “spoken in riddles” and intermittently injected with verses of Dickinson’s poetry, transport audiences to an era when etiquette and proper demeanour were of paramount importance in high class English society.

The snobbery of selected pompous characters evoke laughter, a gratifying relief from the intensity of storylines which demonstrate Dickinson’s rebellious but courageous nature, as she denounces the Civil War, the inequality amongst the sexes and involves herself in delicate family matters.

This is the finest film of the year and deserves much accolade. (MMo)


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