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This Is Not Mills and Boon

Sex positive attitudes and fast-paced comedy come to The Old 505 Theatre with This Is Not Mills and Boon, which returns after its debut during the 2015 Freshworks Season.

Inspired by real life erotica author, Nikki Sex, This Is Not Mills and Boon tracks a young girl named Abbey who falls in love with Sol, who happens to write porn with his mother. After a public break up, Sol’s mother gifts Abbey with an erotica novel to help her explore her distaste for sex.

“I really wanted to write a play that used the tropes of an erotica novel. The hyperbolic language was right for theatre and I liked the idea of people laughing at sex rather than it being treated as something dirty and disgusting,” says Erica Brennan, the writer of This Is Not Mills and Boon. “Sex is a part of our lives that is hidden in darkness and privacy.”

With a cast of four actors and elaborate costumes bringing the lusty characters of various erotica stories to life, This Is Not Mills and Boon delves into the ‘cliterature’ of erotic fantasies and how hidden traumas can affect your sex life.

“Personally, I had to confront a lot of really unhelpful ideas that I’d placed on myself including how sex was supposed to go,” says Brennan. “I found that through engaging with [erotica], there was an incredible amount of playfulness with sexuality. Nothing is off the table.”

Until June 3, Tue-Sat 8pm. Old 505 Theatre, 5 Eliza St, Newtown. $30-$45. Tickets & Info:

By Emily Shen.

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