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The Martians Are Coming

When Sissy Reyes recently went to Finland for a month of intense photography, her original idea turned into something much more mysterious. “I’ve never been in a landscape like that before” Sissy said. Being in the lush fantasyland of Finland, it was easy for Sissy to think outside the box. The Martians Are Coming is a collection of photographs taken at nighttime beneath the magical blue night sky.

Sissy is an artist who is wrapped up with deep emotion and unfathomable gratitude. Each morning she wakes up and feels instantly blessed to drink her cup of tea and look outside at the stunning trees saying ‘hello’ to her. When I asked Sissy what she would like her viewers to feel, she responded, “I would like to transmit that gratitude that I sometimes feel in the morning having a cup of tea, that would be nice.”

Being so far away from home gave Sissy the opportunity to “remove yourself from what you know” Sissy happily said. Finding these mystic spots for the shoot was quite the exploration. “I would go driving at 2am” she explained “I just want to feel intrigued by the spots”.

Is there something else out there? Sissy sure hopes so! This artist has intentionally left the story of these pictures open ended, which allows the viewer to rethink things.

“Wouldn’t it be amazing to know we’re not the only ones here” Sissy let on.

What do you believe in? I hope you will go and experience The Martians Are Coming, so more of us can think like Sissy does, a little outside the box.

Until Jun 5. Gafa Gallery, 281 Clarence Street, Sydney. Info:

By Olivia Lyle.

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