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Rove McManus – That’s Me Talking

Many of us likely know Rove McManus from his incredibly popular television show Rove Live, however his journey began performing stand up comedy. This weekend Rove returns to his roots in Australia for the first time in nine years.

In the years since Rove last performed in Australia he has worked on a multitude of projects both in the United States and now back in Australia. Ranging from his own show and hosting gigs in the US to a new radio show in Sydney and finally a Dr Who post-show panel talk show.

In the lead up to his return to the stage for That’s Me Talking Rove has been performing a number of secret practice sets.

“I’m not stupid enough or ballsy enough to get up without trying it out first!” said Rove, “For the most part people weren’t aware I was getting up and they reacted positively when I walked out so it has been a very rewarding experience.”

For this show Rove has chosen not to focus on his time in the US because he said he wanted this show to “feel fresh” and has thus “started from scratch with a clean slate.” In terms of what this means for what fans should be expecting Rove said, “This is probably the most personal show I’ve done. Most of my material at the moment is about being a new dad and the highs and lows that come with it. Plus being a parent gives me a new perspective on life and how truly incapable I am of being responsible enough to raise another human being.”

May 6-7. The Comedy Store, 207/122 Lang Rd, Moore Park. $35-$39. Tickets & Info:

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