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Melbourne Ska Orchestra – Saturn Return

Chilled out and rolling along, Saturn Return is an album for a Sunday afternoon, or any afternoon that the listener can afford to forget their stresses from the rest of the week.

Somewhat monotonous, the beat remains constant and pleasant to the listener’s ear which quickly assimilates to the expanse that lays out in front of them, behind them and surrounding them, disconnecting them from the immediacy of thought and instead binding them to an endlessly calm abyss.

The listener hooks into the vibe willingly, latches onto the nothingness, the absence of worry, the separation from that dull and sometimes vibrant fear that encourages action and forces movement. The inherent vibe spreads instantly through the listener’s body rendering all movement unnecessary.

It is advisable that the listener allow some time to listen to this album and fully realise the joy of abandoning their otherwise insistent inner monologue.