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Weekend Drama Course: Improvisation Intensive

Calling all those interested in tapping into their unique subconsciousness and discovering their confidence within the realm of acting, drama and the arts.

Inner West performer, teacher and writer, Mary Haire hails from NIDA, having been involved with the pioneering of improvisation within Australia during the 1970s. She has over forty years of teaching experience and creates a safe space of experimentation and improvisation for people of all ages. This class will be an opportunity to unleash your creative potential by participating in theatre games, performance exercises and improvisation.

“We employ acting in everyday life,” Ms Haire said.

Whether it be in the workplace or through diverse social situations we are all called to perform. This enjoyable and instructive course is an opportunity to have fun and learn whilst also improving your confidence in communication and public speaking. You’ll also have the opportunity to brush up on those old memory skills.

Additionally, the course offers aspiring actors the chance to participate in important performance enhancing processes. Improvisation is a vital creative tool for every actor in order to take risks and be given the space to experiment with your instincts. This creative learning experience frees up the mind to make individual creative decisions whilst boosting confidence and building an imaginative repertoire.

This two-day intensive course is designed for anyone looking to improve confidence, and improvisation skills in an enjoyable and safe environment.

May 27-28, 10am-3pm. WEA. 72 Bathurst St, Sydney. $169-$188. Tickets & Info: or PH: 9264 2781

By Ellouise Bailey.

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