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Judith Lucy & Denise Scott – Dissapointments

Judith Lucy and Denise Scott are quite the dynamic duo.

These two Aussie comedians have come together to create a show that is bound to leave your heart filled with happiness. Disappointments is for “…anyone who has ever been disappointed and/or growing older. In other words, EVERYBODY!” said Lucy. The realness and truth of not being ashamed of our disappointments in life is what makes Disappointments so authentically delicious.

If you’re a fan of these two gals you will know them for their classic stand up acts. Nonetheless, “Without wanting to give too much away let’s just say we spend a lot of the show doing the exact opposite of stand-up comedy” said Scott.

Their crass Australian humour compliments the personal heart felt stories they share, which adds great contrast and value to the show.

What is their intention for their audience? “By show’s end we want the entire audience to be on their feet, screaming with joy, celebrating their disappointing and mediocre lives, safe in the knowledge they’re not alone” explained Scott.

With a ton of laughter and a bit of dancing and singing, these two hilarious individuals will certainly not leave you feeling disappointed.

May 5-6, Various performance times. State Theatre, 49 Market St, Sydney. $59-$62. Tickets & Info:

By Olivia Lyle.

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