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Jack Biilmann

Moving from band member to solo act can be an incredibly challenging process for an artist, but for Jack Biilmann the move has paid dividends.

During an interview with the City Hub Biilmann talked us through his thought process during the transition to solo act.

“Basically my first album, Myself To Blame, was a bit of a stab in the dark because I’ve always written with a band sound in mind, I wanted to keep that sound but in a solo record. After listening to that record though I realised that if you’re going to be a solo singer/songwriter it’s got to be more about the songs and the lyrics. So with Streams it was more about making every lyric as good as I could.”

Along the way Biilmann has played alongside or for some very notable figures such as Ian Moss, Mat McHugh, Tigerlily and Mick Fanning. Playing with Mat McHugh in particular was a career highlight because McHugh has been a big influence, “I’ve got to play with him three or four times as well as hang out having a few beers together, which was pretty cool.” reflected Biilmann.

Sometimes though the coincidental performances can be just as exciting. Playing alongside electronic DJ Tigerlily occurred during a private function for ADFA which Biilmann described as “a bit of a strange thing but certainly an experience.” Playing for Mick Fanning came about in January during a tour of Japan when they were both staying in the same hotel. “Mick’s such an absolute gem of a guy and after a few beers we ended up back at his room at about 4am playing songs annoying all of the other guests in the hotel so that’s something I’ll never forget.”

This weekend Biilmann gets back to business as his tour arrives in Sydney. During this tour Biilmann has played in venues with drastic size differences ranging from 50 to 350 people capacities which he says has been a “beautiful learning experience” because it forces him to “gauge what you’re walking into and how you go about your business, because at the end of the day as much fun as it is it’s still my business and livelihood.”

For the show at the Captain Cook Hotel Biilmann will be opening with a solo set before welcoming a full band on stage to close out the show with a punch.

May 6. Captain Cook Hotel, 1/162 Flinders St, Paddington. $15. Tickets On The Door.

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