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Isidro Blasco – Structures and Passages

Arial Paris

Isidro Blasco is an artist who is fascinated with shapes and the architecture of buildings, bridges and highways. When I spoke to this New York City artist, he inspired me to look at the world around me with slightly different eyes.

Our world “changes all the time” Blasco says and this is where he wants to help people see “what is around you, not just in front of you” he explained. Blasco has often been inspired by European cities such as Spain, where Blasco was born and raised. Then Blasco thought, “Why am I looking outside and not looking inside with what I have here?”

“I like to wake up early in the morning and go to the studio early…I find that necessary, to transfer from one location to the other” Blasco speaks of his daily routine in New York City. What does he do all day long other than drink coffee and listen to AC/DC in his studio? Well, he takes not just one but multiple images of something and then builds three dimensional pieces from that. A lot of his time is spent on the NYC subway system, which “changes all the time” according to Blasco.

Structures and Passages reflects the metal infrastructures around us in everyday cities, taking us from one place to another. Why not go to New York City for a day in Sydney and experience it through another set of eyes.

Isidro invites you to the Black Eye Gallery exhibition of Structures and Passages where you will experience the hard, sharp structures of New York City in a very harmonic, classical design.

Until May 20, 11am-6pm. Dominik Mersch Gallery, 1/75 McLachlan Avenue, Sydney. Info:

By Olivia Lyle.

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