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Aussie rock is seeing a resurgence recently and Adelaide’s own Grenadiers have been playing their part, the most recent example of this being their new film clip for single Suburban Life.

Despite essentially no planning ahead of shooting the film clip frontman Jessie Coulter said it “was the least shit film clip” he has been a part of. This mentality comes from past experiences shooting music videos which Jessie said “look fun on camera but are usually a real pain in the arse because they take a long time, they’re uncomfortable, you’re either too hot or too cold, you’re getting shit thrown at you and you have to deal with extras, equipment failures and things blowing up.”

For the Suburban Life film clip, which is essentially the band singing in the centre of a speedway track, the Grenadiers managed to pull it all together in a very short span of time which they credit to Speedway owner Dave. “The guy there, Dave, was very accomodating, he turned the lights on for us and let us do some burnouts and kick up some dust.”

Although the band are incredibly proud of the film clip the importance of the medium is on the decline in Jessie’s opinion.

“Film clips are a pretty unessential part of being in a band, far more so now than they were 15-20 years ago when you needed to have them.”

For Jessie performing live has become a more critical part of being a band than film clips. Luckily for Grenadiers and their fans they will be doing just that in Sydney tomorrow night. When asked to describe what fans can expect from this show Jessie said, “Three guys playing music that is loud with everything turned up as loud as it will go.” Again this is further proof of their throwback to the attitude of rock and roll bands of the 80s, “We don’t have any kind of pyrotechnics, costume changes, backgrounds or preconceived banter. We literally just plug in turn up and do it.”

May 12, 8pm. The Chippo Hotel, 87-91 Abercrombie St, Chippendale. $13.30. Tickets & Info:

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