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Get Out

Get Out is a rare thriller which follows Chris (Daniel Kaluuya), an African-American photographer from New York, as he travels with his white girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams) to her family home in order to meet her parents.

Upon arriving at the Armitage’s home things almost immediately begin to feel slightly off.

Get Out embraces social awkwardness, in particular the uneasiness of meeting a partner’s parents but with the added element of racial tension in the air. Everybody Chris meets during his time at the Armitage’s give their best efforts to make him feel comfortable but often times they go one or two steps too far thus making it uncomfortable or awkward. The stereotypical white pointed hoods never make an appearance, despite always feeling just a moment away, which plays into the tension brilliantly as the viewer is manipulated along with Chris.

Director Jordan Peele, best known for his comedy work Key and Peele, masterful blends horror elements with comedy much in the vein of the Key and Peele ethos. The comedy elements work by preventing the tension levels from rising too rapidly and as a result allows the film to work on multiple levels, from horror to comedy to social commentary.

Aside from this review try to head into Get Out with as little knowledge as possible and simply submit yourself to the awkward, tension filled ride.


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