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The Chapel Perilous

Dorothy Hewett’s renowned play The Chapel Perilous is showing in Sydney, presenting the fast-paced journey of Sally Benner and her quest for freedom and self-realisation.

The protagonist Sally Benner is a young aspiring artist and poet who is searching for love, immortality and truth. This play reflects the conservative attitudes of Australian society and follows her through the different stages of her life as she becomes a communist, feminist, lover and mother.

“What first interested me about this play was that it had a woman at its centre… Sally is independent and brave but she still feels the need to define herself against men… she’s always looking for a man to save her and I think this is really relatable for women today…” director Carissa Licciardello said.

Licciardello wanted the audience to immediately recognise themselves or people they know in Sally’s character. She presented the world which Sally imagines on stage, allowing the audience to experience what she does.

“She is contradictory, complex, emotional and reactive… it will feel like an epic journey where they experience all her joy and excitement, as well as her tragedy.”

The cast drive the story from beginning to end, providing the audience with a unique opportunity to see a big scale story about a young woman which is warm, funny and tragic.

“I was very lucky to amass such a talented cast and the best possible creative team to put together this compelling night of theatre… it’s everything you need for a great night out.” Licciardello concluded.

Apr 25-May 27, Various performance times. New Theatre, 542 King St, Newtown. $20-$35. Tickets & Info:

By Jade Morellini.