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Jethro Tull (Ian Anderson)

Ian Anderson Photo: Craig Redfearn

I’m sitting in Sydney’s beautiful State Theatre, thinking about a young school friend, a genius, who introduced me to the album Aqualung and is the reason I know about Jeffro Tull.

The lights dim the audience scream, Ian Anderson walks onto the stage holding his flute above his head. The man behind Jeffro Tull, a British band who produced countless albums, the first This Was, released back in 1968.

Anderson played the flute, acoustic guitar and harmonica, his musicianship talents clear as the point of difference when launched back in the 60s.

The show was pleasant but failed to deliver the standard expected of a music icon. When Anderson was on the mic, and did not throw his head back, strain his neck constricting his air flow, stand on tippy toes or run out of breath, we got to hear why he was such a standout artist of his time.

Jeffro Tull’s hit albums, Aqualung, Thick As A Brick, Songs From The Wood, Stand Up, Benefit, Heavy Horses and Living In The Past, to name a few. Anderson crafted and composed countless songs which have stood up over many decades. Andersons, limitless music contribution, deserves recognition and respect.

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Reviewed by Lynda Wehipeihana, Music Executive.

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