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Emily Tressider – Is Not Your Ex

Fresh from the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Emily Tresidder brings her new show Not Your Ex to the Sydney Comedy Festival this week at the Enmore Theatre.

“The show sort of morphed out of a break up, but basically it’s a funny and silly celebration of accepting who you are.” Tresidder said.

Following sold out runs of Crazy in 2016 at festivals in Australia and the UK, Not Your Ex explores the chaos of relationships and the process of getting over them while finding hilarity in hindsight.

Audiences can expect “a good laugh and a feel good feeling when they leave. Every show has been quite different because each crowd is different, so they can expect something that’s theirs as well.” Tresidder said.

In regards to the inspiration behind her content?

“I usually pick something that’s happened to me or someone around me, then add some seasoning,” Tresidder said.

“I love everything about [stand up], but I would have to say number one is probably the exchange that happens between audiences and I, there’s a level of trust and then an energy exchange and it’s magic.”

April 27-30. Enmore Theatre. 118-132 Enmore Rd, Newtown. $20-$25+b.f. Tickets & Info:

By Shon Ho.

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