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Rachel Weisz as Deborah E. Lipstadt

There are few subjects as hot to the touch as the Holocaust, nor any more incendiary than Holocaust denial, so it’s hard to imagine why a film maker would even venture there.Yet director Mick Jackson has in his latest film, Denial. It’s the true story of a legal battle between notorious academic and Holocaust denier, David Irving and Jewish historian, Deborah Lipstadt.

The wariness is palpable and understandably so, but that makes for a very emotionally and even philosophically constrained film. It doesn’t have the robust exploration of ideas that many court room dramas do, nor does it delve deeply into the human psyche – it’s barely even sentimental. All this is completely understandable, given the potential to open a can of worms, but it does make the script feel shackled.

However, in spite of that, the performances are all outstanding, and there are some very moving scenes. It’s unfortunately, a film that is relevant in the current social climate, and it makes a significant statement in its title alone.


Reviewed by Rita Bratovich

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