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This cautionary tale which is similar to, but not as effective as Academy award winning Room, delivers a crystal clear message about travelling. Women should be extremely vigilant of their surroundings while holidaying overseas and especially of who they befriend.

Whilst on a life experience in Berlin, fate unites lone Australian traveller Clare (Teresa Palmer) and local charmer Andi (Max Riemelt). A friendship blooms and when Clare announces in a moment of desire: “I don’t want this to end – I wish I could stay”, a night of lust and passion transforms into a horrifying nightmare.

Held hostage in a small flat inside a vacant apartment block nobody can hear her screams.

The extent of the protagonist’s psychological disorder is terrifying, heightened by his inability to accept that his actions are criminal. Audiences will warm to this seemingly ordinary man until they realize that appearances are deceiving.

This spin-chilling story of control and power, astutely directed by Cate Shortland, doesn’t rely on the traditional scare tactics of comparable films and contains graphic violence and sex scenes.

A suspenseful and unsettling edge-of-your-seat thriller which only suffers from being slightly overlong, is provocative and essential viewing.

★★★ 1/2

Reviewed by Mark Morellini.

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