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Bad Girl

Not to be confused with the American western film of a similar name Bad Girls, this is an Australian film shot on location around the Perth Hills.

We are introduced to Amy, a troubled teen played by Sara West. She drinks, smokes drugs and has a bad attitude, but this is not a teenage angst film.

We later find out that Amy is adopted and this isn’t an ordinary family.

With the appearance of Chloe, (Samara Weaving), a girl from down the road, a friendship develops between the two girls encouraged by Amy’s parents.

But all is not what it seems and there are some major slasher style twists and turns in the plot.

This film touches on some serious themes related to adoption and the sense of loss that results. Unfortunately there is just too much going on and too many elements to this film thus confusing the issue.

Samara Weaving steals the show.


Reviewed by Vanessa Powell

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