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The LEGO Batman Movie

Looking at recent Batman films blending their brooding darkness with the flamboyant wacky world of LEGO seems like it would be an impossible challenge.

Whilst The LEGO Batman Movie does a fine job of blending the well known elements of Batman with the mix-and-match philosophy of LEGO, I only wish the writing had been more original.

The LEGO Batman Movie sees Joker, Batman’s traditional arch-rival although Batman won’t admit that, struggling to come to terms with Batman’s stance on their relationship. Due to his frustration Joker devises a plan to unleash the worst villains trapped within the Phantom Zone.

It is here that the film begins to feel unoriginal, especially if you’ve played the LEGO Dimensions video game. In the Phantom Zone Joker rallies a multitude of villains from different brands ranging from Voldemort to Daleks to the Wicked Witch, which is almost beat for beat the plot line of LEGO Dimensions.

There are a bunch of references, jokes and action sequences crammed into this movie so you’re definitely not left sitting idly on your hands at any point so for many this will be a fun, wild ride.


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