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Photo: Asher Svidensky

The story of a 13 year old girl who defies tradition and becomes the first eagle huntress in Mongolia is explored in this powerful and inspiring documentary.

Eagles were used to catch food for thousands of years and eagle hunters have been in Aisholpan’s family for generations. Her father is her mentor who claims that this mode of hunting is ‘a calling that’s in your blood – it’s not a choice’.

Detailed are the family’s simplistic nomadic lifestyle on the Altai Mountains, Aisholpan’s rise as an eagle huntress and her dream of competing in the yearly Eagle Hunter’s Festival amongst 70 experienced male eagle hunters.

Panoramic photography flaunting the beauty of the mountainous landscape are unparalleled and Aisholpan’s endeavour to apprehend an eaglet on the mountainside is one of the most daring ever filmed.

Narrated and with subtitles, this documentary is masterfully produced and complemented by a magnificent musical score. The theme of a young girl who resists male dominance in a culturally diverse society should also capture the wonderment of audiences.

Take the journey and be mesmerized by this unique story of a courageous girl who followed her dream and dared to be different.


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