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Power Rangers

During my childhood the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were a daily staple, I also owned and regularly wore my own full White Ranger outfit. So it’s safe to say when a modern day reboot was announced for the big screen I was sucked right in.

Sadly though Power Rangers didn’t meet my expectations.

In this version of the Power Rangers universe we’re once again introduced to a rag-tag group of teenagers who suddenly have the fate of the world trust upon them as they are deemed the next team of Power Rangers to take on Rita Repulsa. This leads to lengthy generic exposition introducing us to each of the characters as they come to terms with their abilities and  the newfound responsibility to defend the world.

It’s not until the final 30-40 minutes that the movie finally embraces the campy-ness which made the television series a cult classic. During this sequence the film is a blast, if only they hadn’t been afraid to embrace this for the entirety.

P.S. If you do watch the film ensure you stay in the cinema throughout the credits.


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