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In between tours supporting Marshmellow and Illy respectively Gold Coast producer Paces sat down with us to talk about his music and all of the new elements he’s been incorporating.

Since releasing his debut album Vacation last year Paces, aka Mikey Perry, has continued working on his own music as well as producing music for other acts. Obviously doing this occasionally he has to answer the question ‘should I keep this for myself?’

“Sometimes I’ve felt that way when doing remixes” Mikey said with a hearty laugh.

More recently though Mikey says he has been “doing 95 percent my own stuff” so that question has been cropping up less often. This shift in focus is leading towards a new album which Mikey hopes will be finished in the “next couple of months.”

For fans eagerly awaiting the follow up to Vacation Mikey says this album will be “a little harder” and that his newest single Savage “is probably a good guide for the album.” The harder style in Mikey’s most recent production is largely due to his experiences playing more festival shows following the success of Vacation.

“I found I had the most fun playing the more danceable or harder songs at festivals, so naturally I’ve gravitated to writing those more” explained Mikey before adding “I’m still all about pretty harmonies, melodies, nice vocals and fun music but now just slightly more club or festival friendly.”

With his new focus on performing headline and festival shows Mikey has also been exploring new elements to incorporate into his live performance to improve the fan experience.

“I don’t want my show to just be me standing there playing songs on a big empty stage. So lately I’ve started bringing dancers, visuals, different guest singers or rappers and anything really that I can do to make it a fun party experience for everyone. I just want people to go home thinking wow that was a fucking cool night.” said Mikey “I always keep a list of notes of ideas for what to do for the next tour as well. I’m already thinking about what to do for the album tour. I’ve got a bunch of ideas it just comes down to picking which ones are actually going to be feasible to achieve.”

Apr 7 (Supporting Illy at 7:15pm). Enmore Theatre, 118-132 Enmore Rd, Newtown. $56+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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