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My Echo – Brothers

If you like old school Aussie pub rock, then you’ll like My Echo. The four piece Melbourne band has garnered a following in the last couple of years and has just released their debut album Brothers.

The collection of songs represent the issues and sentiments of suburban, working class boys, ranging in vibe from punk/indie to rapid ska to glam-rock ballad. With lyrics that are folk narrative and tell it like it is, this will appeal to those who like their songs well done with a squirt of tomato sauce.

“Meet You There” is their breakout single – fun and poppy with a hilarious video that takes the piss and sprinkles it freely.

“Old And Grey” is philosophical and sombre, while “Boys In Blue” is basically middle-finger-up taunting. “Bastard Child” is an anthemic story from the streets; “Summer’s Gone” is a romantic rock ballad that features an un-named female singer.

My Echo has a yesterday feel with today relevance.


Reviewed by Rita Bratovich.

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