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Miss Sloane

In light of current American politics, it would be almost too easy to stay clear of Miss Sloane. Centred around the US’s gun laws and a female Washington lobbyist (Jessica Chastain) taking on the boys club rallying to loosen restrictions, it could be easily pushed aside as a cheesy Hollywood stance on gun control. However, that is not the case. After disagreeing on her organisation’s view on the issue, Sloane forms her own group, and so begins the classic tale of the underdog, that in this case, manages to entertain.
Jessica Chastain is ruthless in her role as Sloane. Fiery and relentless in her plight to win her case, the Zero Dark Thirty star beautifully portrays Sloane’s gradual unravelling. There are moments of real emotional turmoil for the character, which Chastain manages to honestly execute, gaining her unlikeable character moments of viewer sympathy. Although the film’s script is clever and the plot full of unexpected delights, it’s Chastain who undoubtedly holds the film together.
Unfortunately, the film falls short of being the next great political thriller by just minutes, thanks to its disappointing, over-dramatised finale. That aside, the film is still worth a watch, and if anything, leverages Chastain’s position as Hollywood’s new leading lady.


Review by Chantal Walsh.

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