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Photo: Renato Mangolin

If you’ve come across anything in the art world that combines theatre and DJ’ing whilst exploring issues around androgyny and gender identity then maybe you know about MDLSX the hybrid performance by Italian theatre company Motus. If you’re not aware of it then perhaps it is time you should be.

This incredible performance will be showcasing at Carriage Works for three nights and tells the story of a hermaphrodite punk god/goddess who challenges the social constructs of gender plasticity. This narrative is part fiction and part autobiographical but the main underlying idea is to try and encourage people to accept differences by allowing everyone to express their individuality freely. The performance itself transcends labels and steps outside of the conventional box of theatre by incorporating a DJ set by the star of the show Silvia Calderoni.

This performance is very culturally relevant to the times where living in when issues such as women’s rights, national identity, race relations & reproductive rights are all very hot topics. It also shows the role art has to play in shifting people’s perceptions on these important issues.

If that isn’t enough, the DJ set is another exciting part of the show with music from legendary indie rock/ punk bands The Smiths, Vampire Weekend and the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s who are all artists that broke the mould with their music and challenged social norms.

Mar 16-18, 7:30pm. Carriageworks, 245 Wilson St, Eveleigh. $35. Tickets & Info:

By Daniel Jaramillo.

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