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Kegworth Autumn F.A.R.E.

Everyone has fond memories of their local school fair as a child. Can you remember the guessing jar game? How about favourite treats like butterfly cupcakes, toffees or the hedgehog slice?

Well, the Kegworth Autumn F.A.R.E (Food. Arts. Rides. Entertainment) is back in its ninth year and promises to be the mother of all school fairs.

But this is no ordinary school fair, expecting to attract up to 4000 people on the day, it’s a major community event. There will be showground rides for kids, including The Giant Slide, The Storm, the Tea Cups and The Simulator. For the adults, enjoy browsing the handicrafts market, take a bite to eat at one of the food stalls including the new Italian corner with pasta and pizza.

With a bit of a modern twist there will be a DJ playing later and an online silent auction with over 60 items live on the website.

According to Shonna Mulley, a parent organiser, it’s really the community atmosphere that makes the event memorable.

“All stalls are manned and staffed by parents of the school, with lots of familiar faces and a positive energy”, she says. “It’s the rides that we have remembered from our childhood”.

“We have kids and adults hoopla games”, with bottles of wine and boxes of chocolate as prizes for the adults.

So relive some of your own childhood fun and maybe create some new memories in what’s looking to be a family day out. All funds raised go back into the school.

Apr 2 (9am-3pm). Kegworth Public School, 60 Tebbutt St, Leichhardt. Free admission. Info and Unlimited Rides Tickets:

By Vanessa Powell