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Horrible Harriet

Leigh Hobbs Photo: Sergio Fontana

Even before school holidays begin Glen Street Theatre in conjunction with CDP Productions is bringing a fun new play draw children into the enthralling theatre scene.

Based off of the children’s book Horrible Harriet by Leigh Hobbs the play is centred around Harriet who is wicked, wild and wonderful but what she wants more than anything is to have a friend. So when Athol Egghead lands in his hot air balloon, Harriet finally meets someone who understands her and thus the mischief begins.

This is a compelling play for children as it provides a story focusing on the search for identity and friendship, which kids can all relate to through the fun songs and jokes.

Mar 29-Apr 1, various performance times. Glen St Theatre, Cnr Glen Street, Blackbutts Rd, Belrose. $22-$85. Tickets & Info:

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