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Barangaroo Ngangamay

Barangaroo Reserve, fast becoming another iconic Sydney landmark, will celebrate local Aboriginal culture with a new multi-media work featuring technologies old and new. “Barangaroo Ngangamay” launches March 11 with daylong activities and will run through the year. If you haven’t yet been, this a great reason to experience Barangaroo’s beauty and cultural history together.

The result of collaboration between artists and members of Sydney and neighbouring clans, the work incorporates modern, traditionally carved rock engravings (petroglyphs), with short films about the sun, moon and women. When approaching a petroglyph, the geo-location app will play the corresponding film.

“Barangaroo Ngangamay honours and brings to life the teachings of the Old Lady Barangaroo. She is a beacon of strength and culture for all Aboriginal people, and our aim with this work is to show visitors the deep and ongoing connections Aboriginal women of Sydney have to this place,” said Amanda Jane Reynolds, Aboriginal artist and co-curator, along with artist Genevieve Grieves.

The day will end with a twilight ceremony on Stargazer Lawn, which is one of the most stunning examples of Sydney’s harbourside havens. March 11 coincides with the first autumn Blak Markets at Barangaroo, also on Stargazer lawn, with arts and crafts, bushfood and more.

“Aboriginal culture is strong and vibrant – and this work gives everyone who visits Barangaroo a chance to know something of its importance to Aboriginal people,” said Grieves. (OA)

Mar 11, 2-8pm. Barangaroo Reserve, Sydney. For the app and more information, visit

By Olga Azar.

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