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This psychological horror thriller follows the horrifying experiences of Lockhart, a young American executive (Dane DeHann), who is sent to retrieve the company’s CEO from a mysterious sanatorium in Switzerland.

Lockhart is told that the health of the patients is of paramount importance, but is it really? As the film progresses Lockhart unravels the horrifying secrets of this ‘establishment for wellness’ which should unnerve and delight horror enthusiasts.

Dark and sinister this film is visually appealing and atmospheric, heightened by the haunting beauty and isolation of the mountainous location and the macabre sanatorium which evokes uneasiness and the feeling that all is not as it seems.

DeHann’s performance is a highlight and his natural paleness and piercing facial expressions compound the intensity of the role.

Grim and hypnotic and enhanced by a beautiful spellbinding musical score, this film also predictably utilizes the usual scare tactics with varying success.

The film suffers from a lengthy running time of two and a half hours and cheesy storylines in the second half. The characterization of antagonist Dr Volmer (Jason Isaacs) is also detracting, at times inadvertently leading to laughter.

★★ 1/2

Reviewed by Mark Morellini.

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