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The Little Dog Laughed

Brett Rogers and Charles Upton. Photo: Cec Busby courtesy SX

The Little Dog Laughed is a satirical comedy exploring sexual ambiguity and the lengths people will take to make it big in Hollywood. Alice Livingstone, the well-established director of New Theatre with over 20 years of experience says “it’s got a lot of heart underneath the comedy”.

The production explores four characters whose lives are all interconnected. Mitchell (Brett Rogers), an actor pursuing his dream of fame and fortune, finds himself quickly in love with another man, Alex (Charles Upton). However as he has kept his homosexuality securely in the closet, his fierce manager Diane (Sarah Aubrey) makes him fear that it will be career suicide. Meanwhile Alex’s kinda-girlfriend Ellen (Madeline Beukers) is wondering what’s keeping him so busy. This story explores the pursuit of true happiness.

“Despite the fact we are living in 2017, media and by extension, the community, is still titillated by someone being gay,” explained Livingstone. She encourages the audience to go away wondering what is the big deal is anyway. “Aren’t we a little over that?” she questions.

This play is the first in New Theatre’s 2017 program and is in line with the Mardi Gras season, offering the audience some entertaining truths. Everyone is welcome to come along, as Livingstone says “it’s got a lot of good general public appeal”. (JC)

Until Mar 4, Thu-Sat 7:30pm, Sun 5pm. New Theatre, 542 King St, Newtown. $25-$32 (Thrifty Thursdays $17). Tickets & info:



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