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Making Love

Science fiction meets romantic comedy this week at Newtown’s King Street Theatre thanks to Sydney writer and actor Jess Scott Driksna.

Taking inspiration from Blade Runner’s futurist world and blending that with drama from Kate Bush’s ‘Deeper Understanding’ sees this stage play explore capitalism, science and the human dilemma of loneliness.

In Making Love humans no longer need to find a life partner, rather they can just purchase a custom-built synthetic partner from PAXCORP. With this as the back drop, the audience will be introduced to Sara Vidal, a single, successful businesswoman who is meeting her synthetic partner for the first time during a dinner party with a past human lover. As you can imagine the play then explores all of the intricacies and conundrums that this crazy scenario throws up.

Debuting this play earlier this week on Valentine’s Day seems like a master stroke; Making Love is bound to leave audiences walking out of the theatre rethinking their notions of love and its increasing commercialisation in our own world. (JA)

Until Feb 25, Tue-Sat 7:30pm. King Street Theatre, 644 King St, Newtown. $30-$35. Tickets & info: 

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