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Photo: Anna Gardiner

Stories Like These in association with bAKEHOUSE Theatre Company present Blink by Phil Porter. A beautiful, dysfunctional, bittersweet, not-quite-love story with the ability to be joyous, and hurt, at the same time.

It starts with voyeurism and consensual stalking. Jonah (James Raggatt) works as a night watchman, so has a habit of watching, and Sophie (Charlotte Hazzard) feels like she is vanishing since the death of her father. Their needs complement each other, he needs to watch and she needs to be seen. Their worlds are brought together in an unusual way, things get out of hand and take weird turns.

Jonah and Sophie find themselves living in London, in separate floors of the same house. The stories they tell take us anywhere from a religious commune community in Lancashire to the Isle of Mann, to the top of the London Eye, to random little cafes and hospitals.

Blink is quite a quirky little piece. It’s about our attitudes and perceptions of different versions of love. It’s quite darkly funny, there’s some moments where it takes you to unsettling scenarios,” explained Luke Rogers, director.

“A big theme in Blink is connection. It challenges our expectations, assumptions and attitudes about relationships. Essentially it is about digital technology and the changes we have made in initial contact with each other via a screen rather than face to face. We have meaningful connections with people without being in the same room. Our notions of physical connection and emotional comfort are evolving,” added Rogers. (MS)

Until Mar 4, Tues-Sat 8pm, Sun 5pm. Kings Cross Theatre, 244-248 William St, Kings Cross. $30-$36 ($25 cheap Tuesdays). Tickets & info: 


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