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Movement Republic: A New Way to Move

Ryan Carter. Photo: Scott Finneran.

It’s easy to be disillusioned by today’s fitness industry. Outside of hard-core fads like fasting, shredding, Crossfit and hideous green smoothies – it’s difficult to find non-threatening alternatives for leading a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Enter Movement Republic, an innovative and inclusive alternative to what it means to ‘work out’. Located in the heart of Pyrmont and run by locals this is a boutique, independent studio where there are no scales, TV’s, calorie counting, restricted diets or endless repetitions.

Studio Director Ann Charleston is passionate about supporting people to reclaim their innate human potential for movement.

“It’s about how you feel, not how you look,” she said. “Life is complex – there should be no isolated movements and no isolated people. At Movement Republic, everything is complex – in a good way! It’s designed for how you move through life.”

The studio is serious about their approach to inclusivity; mentors and instructors range from the ages of 20 through to 60.

Movement Republic boasts unique equipment designed by Ann and shipped from Russia, Body & Mind consultations including Fit3D body scan and postural analysis, and task and challenge based Movement Workshops.

“We know our clients achieve the best outcomes when they value enjoying the experience – in being able to move to achieve their potential at work, in life and as part of a community,” explained Ann.

Movement Republic: 55 Murray St, Pyrmont. See website for exclusive offers on memberships, consultations + workshop passes. Info: Contact: 0488 888 328 or

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