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Koala Joe – The Musical

Martin Charles, Sasha Cole & Cameron Woodhouse. Photo: John Kennan

During the Sydney Festival our city has an abundance of shows and entertainment options to choose from, but if you have children Emu Productions and King Street Theatre are the ones hitting it out of the park.

Opening earlier this week is the new production Koala Joe – The Musical, which has been written by the producers who brought us the incredibly successful Jungle Book – The Musical. Koala Joe is making its Australian premiere during this season run and is not only entertaining but also educational as it takes the kids on an mystical journey driven by the spirit of Dreamtime culture.

The production is centred around Joe, a boy from Australia who lives far from home in an Austrian boarding school. Joe loves where he is living, as he trains to be a downhill skier, but he is desperately homesick. It is this homesickness that sees Yalunda, the daughter of the Great Mother Eingana who once created everything, taking Joe on his journey as they meet various Australian animals all just as homesick.

Written, directed and performed by Markus Weber, this show is guaranteed to captivate children during the summer heat – with the added benefit of teaching them a few heartfelt lessons, unbeknownst to them. (JA)

Until Jan 28, 10:30am + 1pm Mon-Fri, 1pm only Sat. King Street Theatre, 644 King St & Cnr Bray St, Newtown. $17-$25 ($70 family of four). Tickets & info: or 0423 082 015

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