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Sammy J and Randy Land

Roll up, roll up! Australia’s most formidable comedy duo are back on stage together as Laughing Stock presents Sammy J and Randy Land!

The pair took a little break after the success of their ABCTV sitcom Rickett’s Lane, with Sammy J launching his hit series Playground Politics, while Randy was nominated for the biggest comedy award at the Edinburgh Fringe – now the dynamic duo are back and at it again, but this time with a theme park.

When asked what surprises can be expected of this totally new show, Sammy J and the purple puppet himself, Randy, had a lot to say:

“This is an entirely new show, which is refreshing. Because it’s a narrative show it didn’t really work to wedge old material in, which meant we had to… what’s that phrase again Randy?” said Sammy J.

“Work hard,” Randy answered

SJ: “Yeah, ‘work hard’. But the result was worth it. There are some pretty ridiculous costumes.”

R: “And Sammy J does an amazing maraca dance at the end of the first act.”

SJ: “Which sounds like a joke, but is entirely true.”

With many solo projects coming their way in 2017, now is a good chance to go and see the hilarious act that these two have conjured up. With the likes of Velociraptor Petting Zoos and Haunted Ghost Trains, why wouldn’t you want to attend? (KH)

Dec 4, 8.15pm. Enmore Theatre, 118-132 Enmore Rd, Newtown. $35-$42. Tickets & info: or