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Meghan Byrne – Serotiny

Meghan Byrne: Flyest Again

“When you see that a piece of coral is a leaf, is a tree, is your circulatory system and a river course you recognise the dendritic structures that we share and define us. My images aim to show the physical, visceral and corporeal structures that we share so we have a better understanding of who we are.”

Wine will be flowing at Surry Hills’ M2 Gallery on Thursday night as Sydney-based artist Meghan Byrne (aka ‘Twiggy’) launches her first solo exhibition in several years – a colourful and chaotic mix of botanics, geometry and humour.

Serotiny takes its name from a process used by Australia’s most dramatic flora (such as Banksias) in order to adapt to infertile soils, whereby they hold their seeds and await a fire to crack their shells and release them.

Byrne sees the process of serotiny as a metaphor for the cataclysmic life changes that unleash our dormant inner potential. For her, the arrival of her two children was the ‘fire’ that unlocked an outpouring of artistic potential – she maintains that some of her most beautiful work at the easel was completed while gently rocking her infant son’s capsule with her foot.

Best defined as ‘biological surrealism’, Byrne’s work is a dazzling outpouring of vivid imagination that takes root in organic forms, and is smattered with kitschy Australiana.

On show up to Christmas Eve, the collection includes a range of original prints in varying sizes. Signed and sealed with a copper thumbprint, each work is distinguished by a hand-applied element of glitter or ink. In the affordable range of $30 to $80, these works make for an original last-minute Christmas gift. Serotiny will also make a brief return in early January, see website for details. (AM) 

Launch: Thurs Dec 22, 6–9pm. Exhibition: Dec 23 + 24, 11am–5pm. M2 Gallery, Shop 4/450 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills. Info:

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