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Julia Jacklin – Don’t Let The Kids Win

Smart and pulsing with heart, this is alive.

Don’t Let The Kids Win has become a favourite of this reviewer because she can hear her own stories in its strains. Lyrics floating gently through a cloudless sky, Jacklin’s warm voice is light but thick like sun-stroked sand. Waves of guitar reach and recede, lingering and falling back.

Jacklin sings with an alternative soul, radiating understanding along quirky lines that rest easy in the ears of their listeners. As if created in a vacuum, the soft, salty phrases appear as if they are untouched by the outside world, unsullied by other music and unblemished by motives other beyond their creation.

For perusal and light level background music, the listener would do well to soak up the vibes emanating from this beautiful album. (SP)


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