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Lara Klark – Values On My Way To Consciousness

Lara Klark, one of Russia’s leading ethereal surrealist artists, will present her fourth Australian exhibition at the TAP Gallery to close out November.

Born in Siberia and living in Moscow for the majority of her life, Lara Klark worked as a professional theatre actress. She studied fine art on silk in Moscow and participated in many exhibitions and publications.

Since moving to Australia, Lara has discovered her interest in acrylic painting on canvas and continued her work on silk. Since then Lara has gone on to win the TAP’s Real Refuse Exhibition prize in 2013 for her exhibition Journey With Friends.

The current collection has been influenced by Lara’s life experiences in both Russia and Australia, which inspired her to create a collection revolving around ‘consciousness’ and the important steps on the way to discovering its values. Expanding her understanding of the concept to more than just the conventional definition, Lara views her body of work as an ongoing dialogue; each exhibition adding new findings and continuing the same primary themes of love, beauty, connections and alternatives of hardship

Values On My Way To Consciousness will be Lara’s fourth solo exhibition, and she is incredibly excited to have achieved this milestone. (JA)

Until Nov 27; 12pm-6pm, Mon-Sun. TAP Gallery, 259 Riley St, Surry Hills. Info:

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