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No Regrets – The Edith Piaf Story

Edith Piaf is widely recognised as one of France’s greatest international stars and her music is still celebrated globally, decades after her untimely death in the early 1960’s. You don’t need to be a diehard fan to recognise her iconic voice in hits such as ‘Non, je ne regrette rien’ or ‘La Vie en rose’ within the first few notes.

But how much do you know of her early career and the lifetime of hardship and tragedy which forged such an emotionally rich voice? In No Regrets – The Edith Piaf Story, accomplished artist, writer and producer Nikki Noveau tells the story of one of her greatest icons through an intimate cabaret.

“I’ve always been a very big fan of Edith Piaf and have incorporated her songs into my repertoire for many years, but I was particularly moved by and inspired by her life story, her tragedy and triumph, and I wanted to create a musical narration of her journey,” said Noveau.

Assisted by the biography by Carolyn Burke, Noveau has constructed a show that incorporates some of Piaf’s biggest hits along with a careful selection of songs she personally adores, ensuring that her delivery comes from the heart. “I especially love her earlier music where she would sing realist songs which were about poverty, prostitution, pimps, love, loss and death…she knew what she was singing about and that comes across in her vocals…” she added

Noveau is quick to point out that while her show pays homage to Piaf it is not an impersonation – “it is one artist portraying another artist” – and this sets it apart from other tributes.

No Regrets has been playing to audiences in Melbourne since March, who have found it moving and very beautiful.

Noveau is excited to bring this show home to Sydney and is thrilled to be performing in a venue as iconic as The Basement. She will be joined on stage by pianist and accordionist Marcello Maio and Natalie Mayes on violin; together they are “The Little Sparrows”. (AM)

Oct 6, 7pm. The Basement, 7 Macquarie Place, Sydney. $30 ($90 inc. dinner). Tickets & info: or

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