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Matt Okine

Matt Okine Photo: Annaliese Nappa

As part of a whirlwind national tour, multi-award-winning comedian Matt Okine comes to Sydney with his self-titled, fifth-straight live show.
“The tour has been my opportunity to visit some places that I haven’t been to this year, except for Sydney. Sydney is my home ground now so I always like it,” said Okine.

The host of Triple J Breakfast, Okine has won an array of accolades, including Best Comedy Performer at the 2015 Helpmann Awards and the 2015 Aria for Best Comedy Release.

His secret to comedy gold? “Just say yes to things,” he said. “It’d be so much easier to just stay at home and watch TV, but it’s very difficult to write a one hour comic show about the latest season of Selling Houses Australia. When somebody calls you up and says, ‘hey, I’m doing this, do you wanna come along?’ you think to yourself, ‘I’ve never wanted to go to a Trampoline World, but sure, let’s do it!’ It’s about making sure you’re always up for what’s going on, it’s about meeting people.”

Okine has also supported international acts Dave Chappelle and Chelsea Handler. He said: “Most of my material comes from me being the dumbest person in the world half of the time. I wish I could say I draw heavily from pointing a microscope at the political state of the world, but I’m more likely to talk about why it’s not a good idea to do a Ja Rule impersonation in the bedroom.” (GF)

Oct 14–15, 7pm/7.15pm. The Comedy Store, Bldg 207/122 Lang Road, Moore Park. $37. Tickets & info: or (02) 9357 1419

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