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Many people spend most of their lives wishing for a little bit of peace and quiet, imagining the blissfulness of not having to interact with the boss or the awkward neighbour.

Virginia however is not most people, she lusts after a half-hearted conversation with a friendly face that doesn’t belong to one of her parents. Her parents had raised her to live what they would call a ‘pure’ life, but what Virginia would call an incredibly dull and boring life, and she’s ready to correct them on that.

Written and directed by Michael McStay, Threnody follows Virginia’s journey as she ventures into the outside world for the very first time. Narrated in verse, this niche production touches upon both the gritty and humorous sides of adulthood, and the loss of innocence we all feel as we take that plunge in to the real world.

“We are projecting such a powerful message, but in a way that nobody has ever seen before, it really is a unique concept as well as a credit to the new era of Australian writers,” said Lauren Richardson, one of an all-female cast of six who weave this exceptionally captivating production. (BS)

Sep 27–Oct 8, 9:30 PM. The Old Fitzroy Hotel, 129 Dowling Street, Woolloomooloo. $25. Tickets & info:


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