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Liz Stringer

Photo: Tajette O'Halloran

Building a loyal following for any musician is incredibly difficult, and often times requires an artist to constantly take themselves away from friends and family. For Liz Stringer this process involved a longstanding dedication and commitment to regional touring, which is now paying dividends with bigger shows both domestically and internationally.

With the release of her new album All The Bridges, Stringer is determined to reward those that have stood by her over the years, especially following the crowdfunding campaign that made the album possible, by returning to some of the places where she initially made a name for herself.

“It’s really nice to be able to go back and reconnect with those audiences, hopefully with a few more people each time,” remarked Stringer.

For the new record she chose to head over to Seattle to work with acclaimed producer Adam Selzer. Having never worked with Selzer before, let alone having never met him, Stringer explained how she was “super nervous” before heading over but “in hindsight it was such a great process”.

Despite the nerves of working with not only a producer she had never met before but also a band, the record was surprisingly recorded in a shorter time than originally booked.

“It was full on. We had ten days booked in but finished it in eight, so it didn’t feel rushed at all even with the eight or nine hour days in the studio,” Stringer reflected.

Since recording the album almost exactly a year ago Stringer has been on the road extensively performing solo shows, where she admits to playing “two or three” of the new tracks prior to the albums release. However now she is feeling “really energised creatively” as she heads into the tour with the full band lineup, which allows for “lots more vocals, harmonies and a more full sounding performance”.

Sep 16 (doors 6pm, show 9pm). Django Bar, Cnr 103 Railway Pde & 19 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville. $22.90. Tickets & info:

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