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4 Minutes 12 Seconds

Felix Johnson & Kate Cheel Photo: Rupert Reid

This theatrical work explores what happens when your normal life gets turned upside down due to a viral video recorded on a phone.

David and Di live in Croydon, London, and find out their bright son Jack has been involved in a violent outburst that has been recorded and spread around the Internet. This video now threatens the normal life they lead and the future success of their son.

Co-producer and actor Jeremy Waters plays David, he describes him as “devoted to his family and wants nothing more than to see his son, Jack, go to an excellent university and have a rich, successful life. He is a supportive and loving husband and father. His even temperament is a nice complement to the feistiness of his wife.”

As a co-producer Waters is in complete awe of the talent of the cast.

“It’s empowering to create work that resonates with you and to collaborate with colleagues who inspire you. The cast and design team have awed me with their dedication and talents.”

Waters explains how relevant this piece is to our society, especially when technology is heavily used.

4 Minutes 12 Seconds throws light on the dangers of a world where people have no say in personal content getting thrown online,” he said.

“This play is a great example of that. It is a challenging, shockingly funny piece that confronts the complexities of living in our modern, technological world.”

This is the Australian premiere of this critically acclaimed production. (AMal)

Sep 13–Oct 8, 7.30pm. Old Fitz Theatre, 129 Dowling Street, Wooloomooloo. $28-$38. Tickets & info:


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