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Storm The Sky

With their latest release, Storm The Sky have poured their hearts into the music and left it out there for everyone to judge. Sin Will Find You sees the band from Melbourne throw away all of the tricks and glamorisation that they had relied on in the past in favour of simply spilling out the truth unabashedly, which frontman William Jarrett says was a real “weight off the shoulders”.

Not only did this process change the band’s music but it also saw them growing closer as friends. As Jarrett explained: “Throughout the whole process we sat in a circle in the jam room and our producer, Sam K, made us all open up about our deepest darkest secrets, so we all came out of it knowing a lot more about each other.”

“We tore ourselves apart for six months but we’re really proud of the record,” added Jarrett, highlighting how this was by no means an easy process to undergo.

Throughout Sin Will Find You the culture of drug use in society is one which plays a pivotal role.

“With this being such an honest record I couldn’t really ignore it [drug culture] because overtime you go out you see it and experience it because it’s all around you,” said Jarrett. “I’ve watched it turn from basically just drinking to almost everyone partaking in some sort of drug habit, whether that be recreationally or an addiction.”

While this theme is prevalent right through the album Jarrett stresses that Storm The Sky are not pushing any agenda, rather they simply want to “lift the veil and show that it’s happening all around us”.

He added: “This is what it’s like being a teen or 20-year-old growing up now. At the end of the day if a teenager wants to do something there isn’t a lot anyone can say to really deter them, you just need to be there for them in case something goes wrong.”

One positive that Storm The Sky have taken from the cultural changes surrounding music is in the way they approach songwriting. “It’s not just about writing a three-minute-thirty radio hit anymore, now we think more about how music makes you feel and the emotions it can bring out of you,” explained Jarrett. (JA)

Storm The Sky support Pierce The Veil in Sydney this week.

Aug 17. The Big Top, Luna Park, 1 Olympic Drive, Sydney. $81.40+b.f. Tickets & info: