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Sausage Party

Carl (Jonah Hill) and Barry (Michael Cera) in Columbia Pictures' SAUSAGE PARTY.

Don’t let all the cute Pixar-esque characters fool you, this is certainly not a cartoon targeted at children, and the proof comes within the first five minutes as the humanised supermarket food begins dropping F-bombs, C-bombs and countless sexual innuendoes.

This crude, dirty humour continues throughout the length of the film, sometimes to the point of being over done and redundant. This is never more obvious than in the second act as the film begins to drag out and feel dull before ramping up once again for an ultimate climax (pun intended).

As we have so often seen with films of this ilk there is a subtext here looking at a broader complex societal issue, this time being the debate of faith versus scientific proof. Sausage Party however fails to make this subtle, and can at times feel like you’re being beat over the head with its message.

If you’re a fan of dirty, crude and sexually charged humour, and aren’t adverse to offensive racial stereotypes, this is the film for you and I can guarantee you haven’t seen anything this far off the rails. (JA)